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Online games have become extremely popular these days that almost everyone plays one. When it comes to some of the most sought after online mobile games, action and adventure games top the list.

If you are someone who loves an action game and shooting games that are played on the PC, we have got the perfect mobile game for you. This is one game that could be what you had been looking for till now.

Bright Memory Mobile game is an online mobile game. It is an action game that involves shooting and adventure. So let us see what this game is all about and what features it has.

About the gameplay

The Bright Memory Mobile game is an action game that is developed and published by the FYQD studio. It is a game that is designed in a way that it feels like a PC game. This might interest a lot of PC gamers across the world.

This mobile online game gives the same feel of playing on a PC. The full version of the same game for a PC has not been fully developed yet. So it might not be transplantable if you download this game. And it is also important to note that the Bright Memory Mobile game only has a one hour flow.

The features of the game

The Bright Memory Mobile game has lots of exciting features for its players. The game follows the story of a character named Sheila. She works in the National Research Organization (NRO). The Bright Memory Mobile game is about her journey and experience and the adventures she embarks on.

It is a first-person shooting game under the action games category. There are many special abilities that the players will get. They have full freedom to control these special styles and abilities in the game. Using the different skills, the players can mix and match them up. The Bright Memory Mobile game lets them create a lot of amazing combinations of skills.

Game Details

This action game has a few requirements for it to function properly. The device you use needs to be compatible with the Bright Memory Mobile game. This means that there are a few things you need to look out for.

The version of the android system of the device should be 5.0~ 10.0. The minimum CPU and the medium CPU should be Snapdragon 660 and 820 respectively. The CPU recommended for the Bright Memory Mobile game is Snapdragon 855/ Kirin 980.


In short, the Bright Memory Mobile game is addictive and you will love it. When you take the graphics and mechanics of the game into consideration, you will see it is so much like a PC game. The bosses in the game will present some great challenges. The powers and skills you will get are exciting to use.

So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and get the Bright Memory Mobile game on your mobile.