Team Registration will open on the 1st of October 2017 and close on the 30th of November 2017.


RGB’s can register the number of PCP (max 8) and Piston (max 6) competitors that they wish to attend WFTC 2018 in Poland. Names of team members can be added later via special form which we will send to your mail.

Within 24 hours we will send an invoice to your e-mail address. From this moment you have 21 days to pay (date of impact on the account is determined). If you do not pay within this time your registration will be deleted. Please remember - if you register team after 9th of November 2017 your deadline for payment expires on November 30, 2017 (then the rule of 21 days is no longer applicable)!

It is essential that RGB’s complete their team(s) registration by the 30th of November; we cannot guarantee their place at WFTC 2018 in Poland after this date.

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